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Careful Round Us

Bom Shanka Music are proud to present their 8th release and 2nd compilation by DJ S.T.U. “Careful Round Us” is a mind bending journey to psychedelia and beyond...

A mixture of new talent and old friends, with the dance floor filling Mood Deluxe, Parasense, CCL and Asimilon it also manages to combine the unstoppable force of Illegal Machines with the immovable object of Parasense to form the all powerful Illegal Sensation.

On the homeward stretch Stereographic, Spyrallus, Dirty Saffi and Pantomiman all help you to arrive at your destination with a warm feeling of psychedelic satisfaction.

On the dance floor, in the living room or on your ipod this compilation will have you up and dancing from start to finish.

You have been warned, be “Careful Round Us.”

Careful Round Us

Catalogue number BSMCD008. Released 23rd July 2010.
Distributed by Arabesque.

1. Mood Deluxe - Wrong Way (Asimilon Remix).
2. Parasense - B.O.L.T.
3. CCL featuring Toppie - Hydraulic Hair Juice.
4. Asimilon - Another Reality.
5. Illegal Sensations - Disintergrate.
6. Stereographic - Dimensional Portal.
7. Illegal Machines - Teleportation.
8. Spyrallus - What is it?
9. Dirty Saffi - Wife or Death.
10. Pantomiman - Judgement Night.