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Suited to the early daytime or early night Asimilon's sound is powerful and groovy tech influenced psychedelia with flowing softer-hard semi-melodys and small geckos scuttling down your ear drums then mulitplying into tiny shards of 'proppa' trance... almost like the good old days but fresh new and years before its best before date. Asimilon has been writing and performing music and DJing mostly psychedelic trance since 1996, is part of Psymmetrix, Big Scary Monsters and A.R.T. Conspiracy and utilises his experience of international dancefloors to good effect. Some highlights of his career include appearing at events such as Antaris in Germany, Modular Dimension in Italy, Party People in Moscow, Noisy Radicals in South Africa, The Glade in UK, Gaian Mind Summer Festival in USA and many other festivals and parties.

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