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Big Scary Monsters was born when a Dirty monster, a Silly monster and an Illegal monster met in a cave, lost on the mountain where Raël freak out (because they were too psychedelic and he couldn't handle the monsters, nothing to do with aliens). Soon it was discovered that they got a pair of hands and a brain (each of them) and went to Psymmetrix and Illegal Machines Studios and started to twist some knobs with their hands and use their brains to make killer blablablas... After a couple of months of practicing, some sounds came out (weee-aarrr-wum-zow-pffff-zing-%*##%) and now they can be found blasting dancefloors all over the world (Astana @ Kazakhstan , Ulan Bator @ Outer Mongolia and Peckham @ London) with their unique brand of monster psychedelic trance. After all these successful performances, Bom Shanka Music decide to catch the Monsters even if it was a bit scary in the beginning, but they manage to tame them long enough to sign contracts and promise to send their new shit... Now they are renting a cave in Uzbekistan in a secret location (there are old kidney dialysis machines lying around for some reason) and pumping out some cool new sounds ready for their first EP "Professional Idiots" which is out now!

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