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Guess this whole story began some years ago, somewhere on a Swiss dancefloor, when two young psychedelic enthusiasts met. It would take some years until they finally put their arses in a studio together, but it would happen. And it would be a good thing.

DJs, Event Organisers and good mates Fabio and David had shared the same passion and dream for a long time … Produce their own music and blast dancefloors around the globe (yep, its not flat).

So after years of DJing and producing with their solo projects, inspired by those Groovy-Night and Forest sounds, they finally had the glorious idea of getting their shit together to merge those two styles into one driving element.

Given the obvious chemistry between them and the same stupid sense of humour, a trip together to Goa/India was the next best move to make, and probably also the best place to play as they got to do their very first Braingineers gig, setting the Project in motion.

On returning home, more motivated and inspired than ever, the studio would become their second home where they set about tweaking the existing and creating a style of their own.

To push the boundaries even further, the Braingineers have now joined their all-time favourite and pure legend UK Label Bom Shanka Music! You can definitely expect some interesting releases in the near future, including some banger collaborations.

Stay tuned and see you soon, somewhere on a dancefloor near you!

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