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Electronic music producer Fabien is the man behind Illegal Machines. He has been listening to electronic music since he was teenager and start DJing psytrance music in 1997. Then he decided to go to the next step and start to buy equipment and begin to write music. After few years of practicing, he created the project Illegal Machines and in the meantime he joins the band Terraformers (with Stefan from Total Eclipse and David Shanti). With this band he released his first tracks on T.I.P. records and performed on major events like Soulclipse festival in Turkey and Boom 2006 in Portugal. Then he decided to focus on his own project Illegal Machines and start releasing on labels like Bom Shanka, Doof, Free Radical, Peak, Looney Moon and in 2009 a split album (Between Sanity and Madness with Bombax) on Free Radical Records. He joined the force of Bom Shanka Music and started side projects “Illegal Sensations” with the Russian legend Parasense and “Big Scary Monsters” with the full having it duo Psymmetrix. With over 30 releases with all his different projects and collaborations, and playing all over the globe (Boom 2012, Ozora 2013, Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, Australia, Israel etc.) Fabien continues to spread his unique groovy psychedelic style and work on new material . Stay tuned....

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