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Usually seen arriving to gigs by helicopter and leaving surrounded by trance groupies, the Loose Connection boys are undoubtedly some of the most badass heads on the scene.

Originally siamese twins, the natural talent of Welsh born Kris and Morris was first discovered when they were forced to write psychedelic music as part of a community service project, after committing crimes too heinous to mention.

With a combined experience of over 1000 years in electronic music synthesis, these hi-tek stalwarts have been perfecting their craft and whipping dancefloors into a frenzy since around the time they gave Keith Richards his first beer, circa 1952.

Gnarly, comedic, oozing hyperactive quality and with just the right amount of cross dressing, Loose Connection's music is guaranteed to set the dancefloor on fire.

With releases across many respected labels and long time friends of the crew, Bom Shanka Music is excited to welcome this already legendary project to the family.

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