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William fell in love with Psytrance in his early teens, and was soon inspired to write his own music, so Hysteria was born. This project showed his innate musical talent & unique creativity on a global scale.

As he explored the world of Psychedelic music his understanding and appreciation of it grew. In 2013, William found himself desiring a change in direction, falling deeper into the psychedelic realm. He set out to focus on strong psychedelic music. Music that hypnotizes the mind, alters perception, and takes you on a journey into the depths of time and space without the need for anything else.

Loving the Bom Shanka sound for years, he sat down one day and was inspired into writing something very different. A mental change was being undertaken, moving into Pure and Intelligent Psychedelic music. Telepathy started for fun but the passion for this music exploded and it became a hit all over the world almost over night.

Intelligently constructed sounds, experimentation, making use of the full dynamic spectrum, with intricacy, simplicity and technicality all merged into one, he started putting in countless days and nights, thoughts and creative energy into refining this new sound into something that will truly take dance-floors by storm. And so Telepathy was born!

In just under a year one of the labels and sound he had been worshiping for many years, Bom Shanka Music, heard his music and recruited him as the first artist to represent them in South Africa.

His music was played at some of the biggest parties around Europe and India, in the summer of 2014 with a phenomenal response on dancefloor’s. William spends his time pushing his sound to new heights and delving deeper into the realm of Psychedelic music.

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