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In Depth 01 - DJ Nuky

DJ Nuky, ½ of the global duo Dirty Saffi, has fast become a mainstay on the global psytrance event circuit, known for her technical prowess and impeccable tune selection, we managed to catch up with her for a quick chat and ask some quick fire questions!

Where did you grow up? 

I was born in Switzerland and as a teenager in Lisbon

How did DJ Nuky come to be? 

Living in a squat in London with a Brazilian crew that use to make underground parties.

First festival that you ever attended? 

I’m actually not sure, that’s terrible of me, but my first proper festival that stayed ingrained in my memory was Boom Festival. When I started partying in Portugal it was really clubs and I was into Techno, massive techno raves, it wasn’t really about festivals. My first years of electronic was with Dave Clark, XL Garcia, Plasticman…

Best party moment ever? 

BOOM FESTIVAL, first year I played with my best mates, it was amazing Heart Emoji with so many years of partying, that’s the moment that will stay forever in my memory.

What's your favourite food to eat?

Organic. Smile I eat mostly vegan, And I love stupidly spicy food …. Its difficult to pin something that I love, Because it keeps changing, But as long as it is loaded with fresh veg and chilli I will probably be all over it.

Do you play any instruments or if you would play an instrument what would it be? 

If I would play an instrument, It would be drums, I always loved them but never got the chance to learn them as a kid, as I lived in a small flat.

What are your must have tracks for your DJ sets at the moment?

That’s a secret! Smile Smile Smile  Actually I’m totally into the new album of 'Synthetik Chaos', there’s some killer tracks there, also 'Sense Datum', some of his new unreleased music is amazing, but one of my favourites at the moment that I’ve been playing in almost all my sets is from 'Alta' and it’s called “A different World” also unreleased!

Whats your favourite city that you have visited so far? 


One artist from growing up that you still listen to today? 

Kruder and Dorfmeister 

Any Last words? 

Do what you Love and what Moves you!