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No Funny Business
Track list
4th Dimensional Lines
An element of psychosis
Here's an example
Time travel
Tastes like beetle
Have you totally lost your mind?
Acid test
Matthew Cameron-Wilton
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Friday, 18th of June, 2010
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No Funny Business is a “triple EP” featuring 3 tracks each from Asimilon, Dirty Saffi & Synthetik Chaos and a bonus “10th” track from all 3 in collaboration.

Beginning with the collaboration track that will blast any dance floor, it then delves into the smooth psychedelia of Asimilon, shifts up a gear through the fully having it Dirty Saffi and ends with the pedal to the metal psycho-funk of Synthetik Chaos.

Blasting dance floors are guaranteed without a doubt once this disc enters the CDJs; with arms & legs flailing in every direction, hearts and minds melting and dancing feet & massive smiles from wall to wall!

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