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No Survivors (Dirty Saffi - One Survivor remix)
Cronnox & Sonnox remix
Naughty boy
Deadpool (REV remix)
Turned into a monkey
Strange powders
Chunky pixie
Extreme convulsion
Matthew Cameron-Wilton
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Friday, 11th of March, 2011
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Bom Shanka Music are proud to present their 9th release, a collection of 11 (yes eleven!) full length and original killer dance floor tunes, elevating the label with next level high energy beats that invigorate the soul and blow your mind.

This compilation features the cream of Bom Shanka artists including Dirty Saffi, Illegal Machines, Synthetik Chaos, Rev, Psymmetrix, Bombax, Satya, Big Scary Monsters and Chris Rich.

DJ Nuky continues to stay at the top of the league with this blood curdling but fresh psychedelic CD of the highest quality! Another absolutely outrageuosly killer collection of tracks from the most reliable label of the times.

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