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Fat Lines
Track list
Chez le Pharmacien (Illegal Machines remix)
Tiger Blood
Global Weirding
Shark in the Park
Mauvais Traitement
Hyper Drone
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Friday, 30th of November, 2012
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Bom Shanka Music’s seventh V/A compilation moves into hardware with this super analogue audio unit. Featuring enhanced stereo output, high performance drivers and discreet class A circuitry, it is 10 massive lines of pure high grade brain booster, brought to you by the makers of Bloodlines, Careful Round Us and other top notch releases.

In house DJ Glenn Logic has been hard at work compiling his first CD, hard wiring an album that brings out the best of the pure psychedelia that Bom Shanka is renowned for. A compilation that offers a fully rounded, extra fat sound, it showcases ten fine examples of intense psychoactive dance music at its best.

Starting the journey is the brilliant Illegal Machines remix of the first track ever released by Psymmetrix: Chez La Pharmacien, from way back in 2006. It also features tracks from Assioma, Dirty Saffi, Chris Rich, Rev, Loose Connection and some killer combinations from Asimilon and Assioma, Synthetik Chaos and Annukey as well as Big Scary Monsters and Dust. All the tracks have been tried and tested on dance floors around the globe and all pass quality control with flying colours.

Don’t stay in the digital world, get analogue and get some fat lines in!

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