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Track list
Psychedelic Freedom Fighter
Is It Organic?
Seek & Enjoy
Your Breath Stinks
Space Rats
St. George
Rock 'n' Roll
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Friday, 27th of March, 2015
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High grade futuristic psychedelic dance music.

Dirty Saffi are well proud to pump out their second album, packed to the rafters with all sorts of full range harmonically dynamic sounds. Lots of normal stuff that you need to be able to call it 'psy-trance' and lot and lots of interesting new weird and deeply intellectual noises that took months to make and years to understand. We have as usual put our soul on the line. The production quality is truly world class, the ideas and innovations are from the minds of people that really did take it over the edge at some point. More than anything we just hope you like it and that you can hear the this is the culmination of 15 years of studio monkeying and dance floor maneuvering.

Taste the future, this is Umami by Dirty Saffi.

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