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Decade of Decadence
Track list
Lysergic Attorney (Aardvarkk remix)
Captain Harris (Occular remix)
Deranged (Illegal Machines remix)
Ketsterday (Telepathy remix)
Nostrils Damn Us (Module remix)
Split the Difference (Satya remix)
Still Feeling the FX (Psymmetrix remix)
State your Consciousness (Module Virus remix)
Burn In Nose (Synthetik Chaos remix)
Focused Psychedelic Energy
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Friday, 9th of October, 2015
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It's been 10 long hard years since the first gig by Psymmetrix, in that time we've had in our lives 3 full Psymmetrix albums and an EP, a birth and a marriage, we created a label that has now released 17 CD's and its artists have played at every major and most minor psy-trance festivals on the planet. And after our last album we thought 'what can we do differently? - how can we innovate on what we had already done?' and we think that the most obvious answer must be..... get somebody else to make the album. So that's what we did! This fourth 'Psymmetrix' album is a CD of 10 Psymmetrix tracks remixed by our label buddies, and to be honest its probably better than we could do anyway, so...stop reading and start listening!

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