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Dreams (Tristan remix)
Nigel Mansell
Keep in mind
Bloody Agent
What the hell

Geo-matrix Design

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Friday, 7th of October, 2016
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Bom Shanka are back and this time we’ve struck gold with Queen of the Night Time DJ Nuky’s 3rd compilation. Fresh from her headline slot at Boom 2016, this disc showcases some of the diamonds she played in her banging set, kicking off with trance legend Tristan’s remix of the classic Dirty Saffi track “Dreams”. The golden seam continues with a rocking track from Bom Shanka founders Psymmetrix, followed by old hand Asimilon’s collaboration with young blood Telepathy. Next up another legend of the scene Parasense combines forces with fellow countryman Samadhi and it just keeps getting better with 24 Karat nuggets of psychedelic from Illegal Machines & Fighting Shadows, Aardvarkk, Dirty Saffi, Telepathy, Synthetik Chaos & Hookers and rounded off with a killer track from Alta (better known as Al from Psymmetrix & Dirty Saffi fame!) Pure indestructible psychedelia, this disc will continue to blast dancefloors and rock socks off across the globe, so make sure you don’t miss out and always believe in GOLD!

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