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Bom Shanka
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Interdisciplinary subfield
What do you want
Dame Bramage
Peter Les Boolons
Taken too much K
Sketchy Amigos
Colour Care
The Geoffrey
Large Salad Dressing
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Friday, 9th of March, 2018
Bom Shanka Music can not believe we made it to 10 years old, we've released over 200 high quality psychedelic trance tracks and now we have 12 more. We asked for a special track from each of our artists and now after months and months of trying to think of a name for the compilation we are ready. 12 tracks dedicated to the advancement of psychedelic dancing. 12 tracks to rule them all, made in the forges of Moria across the world. Mastered by Lord Cass of Wired masters on Christmas eve. We like, do you?
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