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Pony & Rocket (Synthetik Chaos remix)
What the Ales
Substance Monster
Washing Machine
Analogue Mount
Wrong Music
Sticky Keyboard
Mars 300 Mètres
Jichael Mackson
Matt Malinard
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Friday, 25th of October, 2019

Kagura is a Japanese shamanic dance done by the Miko; these women go deep into trance and bring back the messages of the gods. From these ecstatic states this Kagura message incarnates the fun and happiness Yan felt during his last Japan tour, where he could see & feel a great positive energy on each dance floor where he played, from Tokyo or Nagoya clubs to outdoor party in Kobe & Osaka, he came back very inspired to create this album.
Here are 12 pieces of psychedelic music from 146 to 157 bpm, not stuck in a similar style, with 5 solo tracks, and 7 featuring his favourite established and rising artists and friends that make him so proud to have them on his album.

Mastering : Shanka sound mastering.
Artwork : Mat Malinard

Thx for support to : Mum & Dad, Iris, Bom Shanka family, Buzz, Saki, Baccara (mio & ciao) Assami, Shirabansho (Rie, Keisuke), Genesis (Kazuki Ryo), Keisuke & Gu (and the whole Spiritual tribe), Thomas & Yuka, Morrieo & Yuko, Al Shanka for the best mastering and Mat Malinard for the "sur mesure" artwork & of course Bengali my special studio assistant. Miawww

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