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Double Strength Placebo
Track list
I'm a Machine
Twangy Groover
Freaky Circule
The Upside Down
Pond Sage
Rumble in da Jungle
Bubble Trouble
Get In Cider
Geomatrix Design
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Release Date: 
Friday, 7th of August, 2020

Take a big scoop of nothing, add a life time of custard pies, ladies toilets, nag champa, space invaders that never actually arrive, pink fluffy unicorns, self fulfilling prophecies, a pair of shorts and two odd socks, trancendant moments of deconstruction into an incandescent world of colour and sound, 3 slices of emptiness, mega rainbow pom-poms, left hand enabled speaker soundsystems, smiles across an epic dancefloor, large doses of dosas, an inflateable cauliflower and a massive smile from Finbar. Now Double it! How does that feel?

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