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Run Bitch Run
Track list
Planet Mother Fucker
Professional Idiots
What Are You?
Plates and Blunts
Signal Distortion
Fuck You
Energy Blast
Modular Samba
Let Shit Happen
Geomatrix Design
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Friday, 11th of June, 2021

The debut album from long term Bom Shanka employee Sarschas 'Satya' is ready to be unleashed.
12 tracks of highly unique music. This isn't standard PsyTrance. Forged in the London squat party scene of the 00's then refined and fermented in his native Brazil, Satya brings something different to the plate. Hugely intense and not obviously accessible, his music is primed for one thing: Furious deep dancing. Think smoke filled warehouses with eye burning lasers more than sunshine and sandy beaches. This is peak trip music designed to take you one step closer.
Collaborations with Shanka legend 'Braingineers' and PsyTrance veteran 'Whiptongue' compliment the album well, but it's really Sarschas' personality that shines through. This is foot stomping, mud splashing apocalyptic dance music. Everything has a time and its place, and Run Bitch Run is the perfect antidote for our current situation. So lock and load, put your radiation suit on and step into the futuristic sound of Satya: Universal truth seeker and zombie killer!

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