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Diesel Power
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Cocaine Cowboys
Diesel Power

Geomatrix Design

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Friday, 13th of December, 2019

Bom Shanka Music is proud to present a new debut EP! This time from the deep mind of SATYA. If you like gnarly nighttime trance then this is for you. Sarschas has been part of the Bom Shanka family since the early days, he compiled our 5th release 'The Reaction' almost exactly 10 years ago, before he had started down the road of producing his own music. Since then he's worked methodically and carefully toward making high quality and banging PsyTrance, as you can hear.. it's big, it's solid, it's diesel powered.

No more to say!!! I have the privilege of being part of this family that without doubt they are my idols and more than that my family!!! with my sincere thanks I present to all DIESEL POWER !! With all affection and hard work I thank all who encouraged me and demanded my maximum to be leaving this small land and going to the limit of the extreme universe!!!!! Here we go!!! Shankas .. I love you all!!!!!!! From my heart I speak ... you are the best chickens ever!!!!!! thank you very much, Satya Shanka

Mastered by Al @ Shanka Sounds Mastering.
Artwork by Geomatrix Design.

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