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Freedom From Choice
Track list
Not all things shall blast
Not supposed to be here
Freedom from choice
Spring back, fall forward
Acid test

Geo-matrix Design and Asimilon

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Friday, 14th of February, 2020

After a 7 year long sabbatical, Asimilon has finally got it together to release a new EP : Freedom From Choice is a collection of 5 blasting tracks in his inimitable style; featuring 2 solo tracks and 3 collaborations with Mutaliens, PoEt and Weirdbass, best described with words like funky, semi-melodic, deep, psychedelic and fully blasting, this killer release will leave dancefloors with no choice.

Mastering by Al @ Shanka Sounds Mastering
Artwork by Geo-matrix Design and Asimilon

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