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The Dream Harvester
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Quantum Technicians
Illegal Raves
The Mind Killer
Dream Harvester
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Friday, 1st of April, 2022

The Dream Harvester is a subatomic shape shifting cyber rodent, whose solo existence is thanks to becoming a master of the microverse. It has spent the past 200’000 years dwelling in the brains of Homo Sapiens, where it has been able to live the most peculiar of existences tapping into an untouched supply of energy. The Dream Harvester surfs the brain synapses, searching up and down the neurological pathways, harvesting leftover crystallized dream dust from its host. Once the harvesting is complete and enough dream dust is gathered, it will burrow down deep inside the Pineal Gland and ingest the Dream Dust. It then slips down into and bathes in the pools of infinity, vibrating with the sonic brain waves in a Psychedelic Trance like meditation. It will remain in this state for upto 148 days before it needs to wake up and get back to harvesting more high grade Dream Dust.

Mastering - Deep Beat Audio

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