bom shanka music

God Save The Scene

The world needs help.
Our culture is being destroyed.
This isn't some accident, this is a deliberate ploy to remove the conscious thought of art, music and play.
Do not think for a moment it is anything less.
WE NEED A REVOLUTION. We need to save the scene...

Mastered by DeepBeat Audio

Nova Aldeia


In 2018, Brazilian producers Eduardo Pizani aka Dj Bocara and Daniel Bertini aka Teorema, decided to come together to perform sound experiments.  After a few sessions they realized that the material developed had incredible potential for the tracks.  They then decided to create the BOCAREMA project, bringing a modern and contemporary vision of the traditional Psychedelic Trance.  After 3 years of work, the project is ready to reach the most demanding fans of the psychedelic scene.