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Spooki and his sepia pillow
The legend of Pete Sweenis
Program your brain


Telepathy is the self-titled début EP from South African producer William Langroudi, our latest wünderkind that has the skills and the attitude to make some of the nicest post Goa trance to have ever dropped in your ears. 4 original slices of psychedelic fatness and killer remix of label brethren Chris Rich & Synthetik Chaos that are guaranteed to blast your brain, rock your socks off and cross that precious boundary between night and day without anyone ever noticing.

Enter the Void (Telepathy remix)

Natural Order

Bom Shanka are proud to bring you the latest EP from Synthetik Chaos, a killer packet of 3, starting with a versus track of Synthetik Chaos and Mlle Vitale and then another monster with wünderkind Chris Rich, and all wrapped up with a sublime solo effort from Yan. Fully dance floor tested, these 3 tracks are guaranteed to blast.

Turbo Biscuit

Pyrite Music

Bom Shanka are happy to present the second EP from the multi-talented Christopher Richardson. Other people wanted him to make techno, but we knew deep down he's a psychonaut, with his laid back and easy style, Chris will effortlessly glide you through a smooth night time journey of chunky grooves and mind bending psychedelia. All 9 professional idiots that we interviewed said these 3 tracks are good, DJs will play them, people will dance to them. Good clean and honest, like a policeman on his first day of training.

Open the Dimensions