bom shanka music

Every Last Drop

Bom Shanka Music are super stoked to announce the release of the most oversize compilation ever made!
We asked all the artists on the label to squeeze every last drop of inspiration, distilled and bottled into one highly psychoactive unit - 19 massive tracks from label stalwarts to fresh hot talent.
This compilation has fermented into a giant psychedelic fondue of high grade, futuristic dance music - better than ever.
Bom Shanka provides you with the tools to navigate through dimensions, one drop at a time.


Fighting Shadows

Fighting Shadows is a French psytrance music producer. He started DJing Psytrance music in 1994. In 2014, after 8 years of drum & bass production, he is back in Psytrance world!

His influences come from different kinds of music such as : Bad Company, Optical Ed rush, Pendulum, Illegal Machine, Synthetik Chaos, Bombax, Noir Desir etc... and Bom Shanka Music!

He aims to keep your mind in a positive energy with psychedelic sounds, melodies and groovy bass lines.


Bom Shanka are back and this time we’ve struck gold with Queen of the Night Time DJ Nuky’s 3rd compilation. Fresh from her headline slot at Boom 2016, this disc showcases some of the diamonds she played in her banging set, kicking off with trance legend Tristan’s remix of the classic Dirty Saffi track “Dreams”. The golden seam continues with a rocking track from Bom Shanka founders Psymmetrix, followed by old hand Asimilon’s collaboration with young blood Telepathy.