bom shanka music


The new Headworks EP is here and ready to send you back to where you belong. This is Rowan's second release on Bom Shanka Music and it continues from where he left us last winter with smooth psychedelic movements, rich with soundscapes and music that is in the very essence of Bom Shanka: just good psychedelic dance music. It's what we want and what you need...

New Beginning
Cybernetic Creatures
Butter Toast


We are proud to release the d├ębut EP on Bom Shanka from Goan native 'Headworks' : 2 original tracks that are inspired by the birth of his first child, these two blasters are pure dance floor. Feel good trance, the sort of music that is suited to the twilight hours, Rowan's rocking release is sure to bring delight like the first breath of a new life.