bom shanka music

Nostrils Damn Us (Module remix)
Ketsterday (Telepathy remix)
Captain Harris (Occular remix)
Lysergic Attorney (Aardvarkk remix)

Doing Lines

Bom Shanka are proud to release their 8th compilation and the 3rd from label co-founder Dj S.T.U. 'Doing Lines' contains brand new tracks from Dirty Saffi, Chris Rich, Illegal Machines, Stereographic and Psymmetrix vs Southwild as well as some trully outstanding remixes. Tristan remixes Parasense vs Asimilon and Dick Trevor remixes the Parasense Bom Shanka classic 'Ami San Kho'.

Nostrils Damn Us


Bom Shanka Music are proud to present their latest digital only release, a collection of classic tracks that Psymmetrix have always loved, now brought to you in futuristic 22nd Century full HD. 3 intensely psychedelic remixes that have been extensively tested on dancefloors across the globe, they will blast you straight to the next level.

Crack Pipes & Bongs (Psymmetrix remix)
Namaste from Russia (Psymmetrix remix)
Low Disc Space (Psymmetrix remix)