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Under Pressure (Asimilon remix)

Psymmetrix & Other Animals

In the last six months Psymmetrix have wobbled up a fully blasting album with some of their psy-trance chums...

Direct from their genetically modified sound farm they have used their continued experience of dance floors across 4 continents to bring you a wide range of super killers!

Featuring original tracks with Ajja from Peak, The Doof legend Rev, our serious new talents Satya and Spyrallus plus a brand new Psymmetrix blaster.

Crack Pipes & Bongs (Konflux remix)
Kelvin Groove
Adenoïde (Psymmetrix remix)
Why are you playing with me?
State your Conciousness (Dirty Saffi remix)
Mutant Psychedelic
Still Feeling the FX
Burn in Nose