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Satya continues with his rich vein of form, building on the success of his debut album 'Run Bitch Run'. This new album pushes the boundaries with a deeper style that has more emphasis on the sound quality while never losing that intensity that has made the Satya project famous.
Satya is a truly unique product, in a world full of average and standard psytrance he stands head and shoulders above them all.
No one can replicate his style and this is why Sarschas has been a core member of the team since the label started

Lab Creatures

Mascalito is back with his debut album on Bom Shanka, featuring a greenhouse full of psychedelic people and plants that live and grow together on the sunny side of Shanka. We have been adding extra nitrates to these guys and the gentle structures that they have grown and built up have made this... a brand new, truly unique and fantastic debut album.

15 Years of Bom Shanka

15 tracks in WAVs or FLACs
For 15 years of work off our backs
For 15 songs to be mixed in one
Beloved psy trance goes on and on
We won't stop releasing music
If you don't stop believing in it
15 years of non-stop Shanking
It's better than unreleased studio wanking
We want to push the vibration up
We aim for peace with the dancefloor dustup
15 years of Bom Shanka
We’ve got more power than Street Fighter’s Blanka

Trouble in paradise

Dirty Saffi are back with a new EP. 5 brand new tracks that show the dark side of the most positive style of psy-trance. All the tracks are 155. All the tracks are pure Dirty Saffi. All the tracks have that totally unique Dirty Saffi sound.

World class, high grade, dance music.
For this world and the next.
Unifying the worlds of masculine and feminine, dark and light.
Unity through motion.
Music for the other realms.

Mixed and mastered at Deepbeat audio

Bom Shanka Drops 001

Bom Shanka’s new series of single releases kicks off with Plymouth's version of Jesus, Chris Rich and his track ‘Comedown Queen’.
Continuing down the style that Chris is well known for it's a light dark track thats full of those deep interesting leads that he loves to make expertly layered over a banging kick and bass.
We’ll keep it short and sweet on this one and let the music do the talking while you do the listening.

Mastered by Deepbeat Audio.


Roll up roll up! and welcome back to the roller coaster of life. It's got thrills and spills, it's got deals and wheels, it's the all new, world breaking, ground shaking, all star cast, original music from the world's most psychedelic music label.

We've been with you through the highs and the lows, sat in the roller coaster carriage right next to you as we fly through the amusement park of life. We've stopped for mandy-floss, we've done bumps on the dodgers and lines on the ferris wheel! But we have never made a roller coaster album.

The Dream Harvester

The Dream Harvester is a subatomic shape shifting cyber rodent, whose solo existence is thanks to becoming a master of the microverse. It has spent the past 200’000 years dwelling in the brains of Homo Sapiens, where it has been able to live the most peculiar of existences tapping into an untouched supply of energy. The Dream Harvester surfs the brain synapses, searching up and down the neurological pathways, harvesting leftover crystallized dream dust from its host.

Shrunken Headz

Two of the most influential psytrance artists of the recent years have joined forces to make one of the most original, beautiful releases that Bom Shanka has had the pleasure to release. 5 tracks of serious deep music that has its roots in the Hi-Tek world, Kris (Sense Datum/Loose Connection) and Gaston (Gizmo/Will o’ Wisp) are pushing the boundaries. Serious deep psychedelic dance music that will expand the minds of Shrunken Headz!

Take psychedelics and listen to this…

Junk It

Introducing the debut EP on Bom Shanka from Mascalito : Junk It. New to the label, Alon has been making waves as one half of the hitek project 'Wako-delic', his solo project 'Mascalito' joined the label earlier this year, with a very specific style that is characterised by clean and open music that has space to breath, unique leads and a rock solid bassline. It's different, but it sounds like old school Bom Shanka, which is exactly what we are looking for! Good things are going to happen! So take a minute and check the individualistic style that Alon is making with his solo project.

The Mothership

Braingineers are back with their second EP. Continuing their futuristic music that has developed into a unique and original style. 3 brand new solo tracks, direct from the mothership itself. For a few years now, Fabio and David have been accelerating and improving their music, it's now at that wonderful point where you can instantly recognise a Braingineers track through the style and sound quality, and this project will keep on growing. So get on board the mothership, and dance till your brains fall out.

Mastering by DeepBeat Audio.